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War 2 Glory

History buffs and strategy gamers alike will enjoy seeing the impact they could have had on World War II. War 2 Glory is a real time browser game that lets you take up arms against Allied or Axis forces. You must construct your city while creating a tactical plan to bring the other side down. No superior army is developed overnight. Starting strong is a key component to winning battles. Building structures for military planning and production help develop the weapons and technology. The ... Read more

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D&D Nverwinter: The Third Free Expansion Module Coming Soon!

The free to play MMORPG is soon going to get a brand new content thanks to the third free expansion – Curse of Icewind Dale. The new module will introduce PvE content, as well as many changes to the current PvP. Get ready to explore Icewind Dale, a new iconic region in Neverwinter, and claim its treasures. ...

news 17.04.2014 0

Ghost Recon Online: Patch 1.0 now available!

From December 2013 Ubisoft has regularly shared details of upcoming features and improvements introduced to the game before its official release. On 11th April Ghost Recon Online has been officially launched along with many changes, the most noticeable one being a new name – Ghost Recon Phantoms- to match is futuristic theme! ...

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Anno Online: Easter Event 2014

Yet another free to play browser game celebrates Easter. With an upcoming update on 15th April Anno Online will introduce new adventure island, quests, items and buffs. The new Anno event is all about recurring Easter Adventure Island which you can explore, a new seasonal quest line and naturally about Easter eggs. ...

news 12.04.2014 0

Forge of Empires: Time for Easter Event

On 9th March a new seasonal event started in the free to play browser game, Forge of Empires. Get ready to welcome a special visitor in your realm who brings a variety of items, including some you have not seen before! In the beginning each player receives 25 free eggs, afterwards you must earn them by taking part in ...

news 09.04.2014 0
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