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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play online MMO game, developed by a Taiwanese Runwalker Entertainment studio and published by Gameforge. Discover a magical world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Create your own hero and start a challenge in which you gain points of experience and new skills while wining new levels. Discover a complex story of a magical land while the runes and fragments of the divine book Taborea guide you on your way to success. The legend has it- one who possesses the or... Read more

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Adrian Manolache

Adrian Manolache earned 120 P$ for "Becoming a POGED FAN"

Adrian Manolache

Adrian Manolache earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"


jamescon earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Michael Andrew Richards

Michael Andrew Richards earned 20 P$ for "Searching and finding POGED"

Michael Andrew Richards

Michael Andrew Richards earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Shawn Wagers

Shawn Wagers earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Jeim Kim

Jeim Kim earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"


Jimmy earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

mohamed Hashi

mohamed Hashi earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Brian Byrne

Brian Byrne earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Mack Wiley

Mack Wiley earned 20 P$ for "Searching and finding POGED"

Mack Wiley

Mack Wiley earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"



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Farmerama – New Pets in Bahamarama

Yesterday the free to play browser game Farmerama introduced the latest update. Discover new plants and missions, and get ready to welcome new Bahamarama’s inhabitants – sweet and colorful pandas. Pandas will move in to Bahamarama on 2nd of June together with permanent quests. They can be raised after unlocking ...

news 25.06.2014 0

Tribal Wars 2: Closed Beta Starts

Exciting news reached us from developer Innogames. After long months of suspicion and waiting, developer opened the Tribal Wars 2 closed beta server to the first lucky players! Don’t miss on a chance to check out the new version of the popular strategy browser game! Of course many features are not 100% ready yet, ...

news 25.06.2014 0

Marvel Heroes 2015 has arrived on Mac!

On 20th June Gazillion celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Marvel Heroes launch. For this special occasion there has been a new content added and more importantly the launch of Marvel Heroes 2015. To celebrate the occasion there will be a special event with a series of 365 gifts. All you have to do is to talk to ...

news 25.06.2014 0

The Sims FreePlay – Carnival is coming to town

Not only one of the most popular games of all times is now available on mobile, both on iOS and Android systems, but player can actually enjoy regular updates and new features. This time The Sims FreePlay brings in the carnival to town. Let your Sim go a bit crazy and have fun at a brand new town attraction and its many rides. No one is ever too old to have fun! From now on ...

news 23.06.2014 0
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