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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play online MMO game, developed by a Taiwanese Runwalker Entertainment studio and published by Gameforge. Discover a magical world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Create your own hero and start a challenge in which you gain points of experience and new skills while wining new levels. Discover a complex story of a magical land while the runes and fragments of the divine book Taborea guide you on your way to success. The legend has it- one who possesses the or... Read more

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Marvel Heroes 2015 – Rogue has arrived

The latest update introduced the 38th playable hero – Rogue – to Marvel Heores 2015. The new character features thousands of possible combinations as she is able to steal over 90 available powers from any hero or villain. She is able to hold maximum of 12 powers at time! Rogue is a unique hero as she also ...

news 17.09.2014 0

Star Trek: Alien Domain – A new MMO is coming soon

Star Trek: Alien Domain is a new MMO browser strategy game that will take players to the mysterious, extra-dimensional realm of Fluidic Space, seen before in Star Trek: Voyager. The game is expected to launch later in 2014 and is created by CBS Interactive with cooperation of NGames, and published by GameSamba. Get ...

news 14.09.2014 0

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Introducing Capitals and Kings Towers

The latest update introduced capitals and the kings towers to Empire Four Kingdoms. From now on your alliance can claim capital cities in the Great Empire and get Kings Guard attackers and defenders! The new location can be captured just like an outpost but you will not need a Castellan to do so. In the capital you ...

news 14.09.2014 0

Tribal Wars 2: Open Beta started!

Wait no longer! Tribal Wars 2 becomes available for all players as the Open Beta started on September 2nd. From June 2014 only a group of lucky players could participate in Closed Beta phase of Tribal Wars 2. Every player who wants to find out about all the new exciting features is now more than welcome to register an ...

news 06.09.2014 0
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