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Goodgame Big Farm

Big Farm by Goodgame is an interesting take on the community-oriented farming game, which has become something of a genre on its own. Become an internet farmer and manage a virtual farm with all its livestock, crops and lands. Join a growing society of players addicted to this free2play browsing game and challenge yourself. You have just inherited a farm and now it is your turn to produce different goods, process them and develop various production cycles. You can only succeed through tim... Read more

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Akemi Shu

Akemi Shu got 150 P$ for "Voting" Dragon Pals

Akemi Shu

Akemi Shu earned 20 P$ for "Searching and finding POGED"

Akemi Shu

Akemi Shu earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Judi Weston

Judi Weston earned 20 P$ for "Searching and finding POGED"

Judi Weston

Judi Weston earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"


AlucardDragon earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Alan Cullison

Alan Cullison earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"


AlucardDragon earned 150 P$ for "Filling out his profile"


yukon earned 20 P$ for "Searching and finding POGED"


yukon earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"

Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz earned 40 P$ for "Visiting POGED"



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The Settlers Online: Enhanced Battle System and PvP

One of the upcoming updates will introduce changes to the current battle system as well as PvP Expedition mode. The new PvP mode is an interactive combat system that will allow you to gather resources by creating colonies. Expeditions are special adventure islands that players can conquer, defend against others or ...

news 27.09.2014 0

Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat

The battle and Neverwinter adventures continue as Arc Games announced the next modeule coming to the game – Rise of Tiamat. The upcoming module is a continuation of modul 4: Tyranny of Dragons, as well as Siege of Neverwinter and will follow events seen there. Embark on an exciting battle with of of the most powerful dragons! ...

news 24.09.2014 0

Big Farm: New Farm Machines

Your garage is growing! With the update that takes place on 25th September there will be even more space for new machines in your garage. There will be four new machines which will offer you certain bonuses or goods. There are 4 ways to activate them – 3 of them require certificates or certificates and tools, and ...

news 24.09.2014 0

Farmerama: Septemberfest 2014

Let’s celebrate Farmerama’s latest event – Septemberfest! From 18th until 24th September Farmerama will launch a new in-game event. Also this year Brewmaster Benny Brewmole will be back to reveal his latest non-alcoholic drink – TeaBrew. The drink combines flavors of tea and of course beer. He will be serving ...

news 22.09.2014 0
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