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Sparta: War of Empires

This is an awe-inspiring strategic on-line game for multiple players. Set in the fifth century B.C. Greece during a war between Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Using strategy, war and diplomacy you will defend your city-state against selfishness and brutality. King Leonidas and the Spartan Army will help you in your quest to defeat Xerxes. Great detail has been given to historical reference with outstanding graphics. The 3D graphics and audio quality are amazing. The strategic warfare has... Read more

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Big Farm: The Northern Lights

Have you read Monica’s announcement in the Racing Farmer about Nils Nordsons’ plans? This time he is planning on finding out what his ancestors’ lives might have been like during the long winter nights. Pack up bags and get ready to visit the Northern Lights Farm! Together with Nils you already know how to run a ...

news 01.03.2015 0

Big Guns in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment announced the next major update 1.47 ‘Big Guns’ in War Thunder. With this update the closed beta tests for Steel Generals will be also officially over! All US ground vehicles will be then available for research. The upcoming update will introduce many general changes; Starting with adding ...

news 01.03.2015 0

Big Farm: Horse Market

The last update in Big Farm introduced yet another features for your Horse Ranch. In case you are looking for a new horse or want to skip breeding, you can now visit the Horse Market! The Horse Market is a brand new building on your horse ranch that can be unlocked at level 21. Through the Horse Market you will be ...

news 15.02.2015 0

TERA: Skycastles coming soon!

Just a couple of weeks ago TERA implemented the latest game expansion – Fate of Arun – that consisted of several new features, such as a new continent, new dungeons, battlegrounds, as well as a new level cap. On February 24, publisher En Masse Entertainment will release another update. It will be small but surely will introduce features that players can ...

news 31.01.2015 0
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