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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play online MMO game, developed by a Taiwanese Runwalker Entertainment studio and published by Gameforge. Discover a magical world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Create your own hero and start a challenge in which you gain points of experience and new skills while wining new levels. Discover a complex story of a magical land while the runes and fragments of the divine book Taborea guide you on your way to success. The legend has it- one who possesses the or... Read more

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Matthew Jr Mockabee

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Allods Online: Update 6.0 Broken Chains

Another global update to Allods Online is coming soon. We have already mentioned that update 6.0 also called ‘Broken Chains’ will introduce a new race of Sarnaut – the Pridens. Now get to know them better! The Pridens are furious and savage creatures whose motto is “Dare od Die!”. They live in a harmony with ...

news 26.08.2014 0

Rushwar: Open Beta Started

The publisher Lekoolgames announced the launch of its latest game Rushwar on 15th August. The game is empire-building real-time strategy MMO with plot set in ancient Roman Empire. Get ready to take control! Upon registration you become an owner and a guardian of a small town which you build up and gradually turn into ...

news 21.08.2014 0

Neverwinter: Tyrany of Dragons

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of a popular free to play and download MMORPG Neverwinter, announced a launch of a new expansion Tyrany of Dragons. The launch of the fourth free expansion took place already on the August 14, 2014. The latest content update for Neverwinter introduced the new Scourge Warlock ...

news 19.08.2014 0

Rising Generals: Closed Beta Announced

Developer of many popular free to play browser games, studio InnoGames from Hamburg, announced the closed beta launch date of its upcoming title Rising Generals! Get ready for the start on the 20th August! Rising Generals is an upcoming cross-platform strategy MMO. The game will be available on browser at first, ...

news 19.08.2014 0
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