January 15

Age of Wulin: Betreyal & Forgiveness

Only couple of weeks ago the free to play MMO with martial arts elements, Age of Wulin, introduced its second expansion Chapter 3: Wisdom is Journey. Looks like the Age of Wulin’s team has been working hard as the third game’s expansion Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness is going to be launched in early March 2015.

The latest chapter is supposed to introduce a totally new side of the Jianghu to light. The team is working to introduce detailed weather and day and night system, as well as six playable factions (Golden Needle Shen Family, Beast Villa, Xu Family Village, Rootless Clan, Shifting Flower Palace, Peach Blossom Island) which will work just like the 8 great sects. Each faction holds a great strength with unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. The new dynamic weather system will consist of a 4-stage day and night system that will bring different effects for morning, noon, dusk, and night times, as well as weather effects, such as, snow, solar eclipses, storms and more.

Stay tunes for more news on the latest upcoming addition to Age of Wulin.

Source: Age of Wulin

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