January 15

Age of Wushu: Transcendence

Snail Games reveled release date and details about the upcoming expansion to the free to play martial arts MMO Age of Wushu.

The new expansion will be officially launched on January, 14th and consist of many interesting changes for players. A new era is coming to the world of Jianghu. The whole new battle is coming as the masters of 8 schools and 6 sects unlock new powers and ancient secrets. One of them is the fifth level of inner skill – a level of energy that once was held by a master able to command the winds and the clouds. The secret was now unlocked and players will have new possibilities to grow their character and gain new powers. There also will be three new forbidden instances with new opportunities, adventures and hidden secrets that can be accessed at the Hell King’s Dungeon, the Jinling Incident and the Qiandeng Crisis.

This and more is coming to Age of Wushu on Wednesday, 14th January!

Source: Age of Wushu

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