August 14

Allods Online: Update 6.0 Broken Chains

Another global update to Allods Online is coming soon. We have already mentioned that update 6.0 also called ‘Broken Chains’ will introduce a new race of Sarnaut – the Pridens. Now get to know them better!

The Pridens are furious and savage creatures whose motto is “Dare od Die!”. They live in a harmony with nature and respect ancient laws of their ancestors. Even though they look like half-beasts they are skilled in various crafts and warfare, as well as know how to use the ancient magic, so don’t be fooled. All Priden children are taught by Mentors and get to know not only basic rules of survival but also use of weapons. Only the strongest ones reach the adulthood, and undergo the rite of initiation. The Priden race found a perfect balance between their wilderness and intelligence.

Watch the latest trailer to find out more about the upcoming Priden race!

Source: Allods Online

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