December 14

Anno Online: Christmas Event

Today, on 16th December Anno Online begun Christmas celebration! Like many free to play browser games also Anno Online celebrates this special time of the year. Get a chance to play Christmas Event with plenty of fun events and presents!

All players who reached 100 Vassals will be able to participate in the event. Those players who still have not managed to reach this level of vassals should not worry. Ubisoft prepared a special quest that will show and help to get 100 Vassals. For players with over 500 Vassals there will be an everyday Apple buff from Northburgh that can be used on friends. During every event Anno introduces could be all found in goods storage but now you can find them in special currency space where you can also find Halloween Lanterns. Presents will be possible to be produced in the Christmas workshop but can be also found in the shop together with special buildings (shepherd’s guild, greenhouse, workshop, oriental embassy, enhanced bakery, Christmas tree and snowman).

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Source: Anno Online

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