January 15

Big Farm: Cooperative Challange Part 2

The first update of the free to play browser game Big Farm is now available. Last year developer Goodgame Studios introduced many new features and changes to the game. Only last week a new winter farm event finished leaving place to exciting events that come next! The latest update introduced brand new features to the Cooperative Challenge.

From now on the Cooperative Challenge comes with an internal ranking with all coop members listed. This way you can keep your coop’s motivation up as well as pursue cool new rewards. The member with the biggest amount of reputation points will get a special ranking reward, such as valuable seaweed boosters, however minimum of 5000 reputation points must be reached in order to get a reward. Additionally, there will be more rewards for the 10 best cooperatives: a special apple orchard for the best cooperative (+25% more apples/foliage), and a special cherry orchard (+15% cherries/foliage) for the places 1 to 10. By using the cooperative’s funds you can also get special reputation boosts for all members.

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Source: Big Farm

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