December 14

Big Farm: Horse Breeding and More

Today’s update in Goodgame Big Farm introduces horse breeding and more surprises! There are many new features coming – not only you can have more horses now, but also you can breed them, and manage their bonuses and talents!

Over the past couple of weeks players had a chance to learn the basics about horse training. Now it’s time for a bigger competition! By upgrading your stable with competition horseshoes you will make more room for new horses. Stable can be upgraded up to level 7 and can store up to 7 horses. With each stall you unlock you will be able to purchase a horse in a horse shop – make sure to save some horseshoes!

Players can now decide the path for their stables. With the options in breeding process you can choose to run stable for racing horses, professional jumpers, or any other you decide through breeding. By breeding two horses you will create a new horse with different potential advantages over the parents. There also will be some new competitions and tasks for you to participate in!

Source: Big Farm

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