January 15

Big Farm: PvP competitions

It’s time for yet more brand new additions to the Big Farm. Today’s Big Farm update introduces more new challenges at the horse ranch.

In case you were all wondering why you should train your horse, today you will get your answers. In case you already mastered all challenges offered to you by George, Lester, or Tessa, you can now get ready to compete against other players on your server! The game will now offer you a tournament challenge where through your tournament transporter you can challenge other players and prove how well you have trained your horses. During the tournament season the game will choose three opponents for you with a rank close to yours in the current season. You can select an opponent, and a discipline, however their stats will not be displayed. After each round the system will choose a new opponent so that you always can choose from 3 players. Each challenge will cost you fuel for your tournament transporter to get to the location where the competition takes place. Winning a challenge will grant you competition horseshoes and ranking points, if you lose, you only get competition horseshoes.

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Source: Big Farm

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