March 15

Big Farm: The Northern Lights

Have you read Monica’s announcement in the Racing Farmer about Nils Nordsons’ plans? This time he is planning on finding out what his ancestors’ lives might have been like during the long winter nights. Pack up bags and get ready to visit the Northern Lights Farm!

Together with Nils you already know how to run a Viking Farm. However, his research is now going one step further to prepare for circumstances that can arise from long winter nights. The Viking Farm is now back with a new environment! There will be more snow, tons of beautiful lamps, spectacular northern lights and a completely new night setting. By helping Nils and fulfilling his tasks you can now get new, redesigned awards: for finishing chapters – small, magnificent, or grand Nordic Ship; for activity – market cart, wooden toboggan, seal statue, stone of lights, or a Northern lights duck coop. Additionally, Northern lights donkey stable is a new ranking reward. There will be no changes regarding the special currency, nor the way you obtain and sell Runestones.

Source: Big Farm

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