March 15

Big Guns in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment announced the next major update 1.47 ‘Big Guns’ in War Thunder. With this update the closed beta tests for Steel Generals will be also officially over! All US ground vehicles will be then available for research.

The upcoming update will introduce many general changes; Starting with adding binoculars view for all ground vehicles, drivers view for ground vehicles, ‘driver mode’ control (vehicle will be steered by a driver based on your commands), contrail effect on aircraft and heat/compression effect from firing tank cannon, explosions and fires (graphic improvements), new everyday login awards and tournament awards, and many, many more! ‘Big Guns’ also brings new ground vehicles from USA, Germany and USSR, as well as new aircrafts. Developer also made sure there will be some changes and fixes to the current bugs, and game balancing.

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Source: War Thunder

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