April 13

Bigpoint has launched their new PvP game Merc Elite

The successful online games publisher Bigpoint has just launched their new game military online MOBA game Merc Elite. This game is quite special because it combines team combat and modern war craft elements. It is a military termed online game and is set in the near future.The players’ task is it to develop good strategy plans for the perfect attacks to win the battles against the other players. What is very special about the game Merc Elite is that it is a multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) game, which is very complex and challenging even for players with a lot of experience. It is the first MOBA, which is not set in a fantasy world.

The players will find five different characters they can choose from as well as a huge selection of high tech weapons. That makes the game even more interesting and exciting. The game is full of action and challenges the players with every battle.

Source: Bigpoint

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