October 13

Drakensang Online: Mentor Bonus Introduced in the Latest Update

The latest update to the popular Drakensang Online is now live! The new version 112 introduces a new feature – mentor bonus – allowing your secondary character to level up talents 'Honor' and 'Wisdom' and reach the primary character's level three times as fast.

From now on, your characters with lower level of honor and wisdom will receive a bonus 'Badges of honor' and 'Ancient wisdom' to help them level up faster and reach the same level as your main character. The update 112 will also introduce a brief history of Dracania, now available only for those players who create characters.

Additionally, developer introduced some improvements to the game, for example, the territories 'Fortress Teganswall', 'Tegan's Sanctuary', 'Dragon caverns' and 'Hidden Sanctum' have gotten some new effects and lightning.

To find out about all changes and new features in Drakensang Online, visit our website and register to play the game for free. Drakensang Online is a fantasy RPG available on your internet browser.

Source: Drakensang Online

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