November 14

Empire: Become a Legend!

Discover many new features, new content, and unlock new levels! Many new features mean a lot of work, therefore the new content will be introduced over the next few updates. Have a look at what’s coming next!

From today all seven kingdom resources are now available everywhere, and what is more The Great Empire will now have its own special resource- iron ore – that can be unlocked at level 70.  Special Kingdom resources can still only be obtained in their designated kingdoms: coal in the Everwinter Glacier, olive oil in the Burning Sands, and glass in the Fire Peaks. Players will also be able to trade resources, but only if you reached level high enough to enter the corresponding kingdom.

Soon there will be significant changes to the leagues; after level 70 players will unlock the new Legend level. When this happens each player received an additional Legend level 1 which can be leveled up to 500 by the traditional way: attacks, construction of buildings and quests (btw quests can no longer run out!). Also building levels will now increase to 100.

Source: Empire

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