September 14

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Introducing Capitals and Kings Towers

The latest update introduced capitals and the kings towers to Empire Four Kingdoms. From now on your alliance can claim capital cities in the Great Empire and get Kings Guard attackers and defenders!

The new location can be captured just like an outpost but you will not need a Castellan to do so. In the capital you can find two additional buildings: The Royal Storage which increases the storage capacity in the capitol, and the Palace which will enable your alliance to train the Kings Guard attackers and defenders. Beware though, as capitals are highly desired by other alliances! They can be conquered by them or preoccupied. The amount of capitals on the map depends on the size of server’s population, however there can be maximum number of seven capitals.

The Kings Towers will be also distributed around the map of the Great Empire. If a member of your alliance has a kings tower, the whole alliance will receive an attack bonus. Interesting fact: if your alliance have a few towers, all bonuses add up, and the bigger the population, the more Kings Towers you will find.

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Source: Empire Four Kingdoms

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