October 14

Farmerama: Halloween 2014

In the past few days majority of free to play browser games introduced various Halloween events. The spooky Halloween event started in Farmerama already on 27th October and will last until 2nd November. Get ready to collect special event crops – creepy creepers and glowshroom!

Starting at level 2, all players can now join the event by going to the Farmer’s Society. In the beginning each and every player gets 5 seeds of creepy creepers, as well as will be able to find drop items (e.g. ectoplasm) while harvesting the farm. In order to complete the event, players need to complete event steps (by donations). Of course upon completion of each step you will receive special prizes, e.g. freddy bear sticker, uncanny upright, hunted sweets, freddy bear, and Halloween 2014 magical stalk row. Don’t miss a chance to get also event baskets; there will be 3 types: small, medium, and large.

Don’t miss on the latest event in Farmerama!

Source: Farmerama

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