December 14

Forge of Empires: Winter Event

This year Forge of Empire celebrates winter season with a special event. Forsty, the Snowman visits all empires of might kings and queens to offer them new quests and missions. Encounter new daily challenges and get seasonal currency – Winter Stars – as a reward!

In a special window every day you will be offered new sets of presents with various goodies: Forge Points, blueprints, units, buildings, or a very special daily prize. To open each present you will have to spend 10 starts. On top of regular gifts, players might also stumble upon a special prize: shuffle (resetting and shuffling presents, as well as giving you 10 extra stars), double payout (you get two of each next reward), or a show (revealing the contents of two unopened presents and giving you 3 stars).

This year’s winter event also introduces two new festive avatars and two new winter buildings: Gingerbread House and an improved Confectionery. Apart from that you can also get winter buildings from the previous years, such as, Nutcracker, Snow Globe and many others!

The winter event will end on January 5th, 2015.

Source: Forge of Empires

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