December 14

Goodgame Empire: Daily Presents

Developer of the popular free to play browser game Goodgame Empire prepared daily treat for all its devoted players. From 9th December until 24th December all players can collect their special presents! All you have to do is log in! Every day you can get new and awesome presents, e.g. tools, and many more!

Today took place the last update of 2014. Time surely flies! Even with the last update there are some interesting changes and new features. Firstly, Level 70 emperors can now compare their legend level with one another thanks to the new level 70 ranking. Additionally, developers try to give a small boost to your horses by giving them some adjustments. From now on you will be able to travel faster on the small distances (less than 100 fields). The change regards all possible use of horses: support, stationing, sending market barrows, and most importantly attacks. Last but not least, now you can also improve your public order by adding optional buildings (the mint, ruby mine, military hospital, master builder, drill ground, fire station, stronghold).

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Source: Goodgame Empire

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