November 14

InnoGames Introduces Elvenar

Exciting news reached us from developer of many successful free to play browser games, InnoGames. Get ready for a new strategy game with a twist, a totally new setting, art style and game dynamics!

Elvenar is an upcoming city-building, strategy MMO that takes you to an exotic fantasy world and offers a chance to explore and fight. Experience fantastic building and units in a colorful environment. Each player will get a chance to choose between two starting races- Elves or Humans, and keep in mind that the choice you make in the beginning will influence many aspects of the game; such as image of your city, looks of its inhabitants, design of technologies and units. Elves are magical creatures that live in close harmony with nature, whereas humans are ambitious and determined for success. The ultimate goal is the same as in many other strategy games: to create a flourishing and powerful kingdom. In Elvenar you will come across an interesting twist; you should always pay attention to the multiplayer map as you might find there valuable relics, and fight against various fantastic monsters to get them.  It’s also worth mentioning that strategic battles will be 3D animated and will offer diverse unit and skill types to make each and every battle unique.

The closed beta is supposed to start in January 2015 so stay tuned for more news on Elvenar!

Source: InnoGames

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