April 13

Launch of the official website for the game Soldier Front 2

The well known games publisher Aeria Games is developing a new game for their portfolio. The existing portfolio of Aeria Games is already very exciting but the new game should inspire even more player to play their games. The name of their new game is Solidier Front 2 and it is going to be a first person shooter. Since the 24th of April the people who are interested in the game are able to reach the website of the game because Aeria Games has official released it.

The new website gives the players the opportunity to see more and more insight of the game and will give them a good feeling how it is going to be to play it. On the official website the players will find information about all the six special forces with all modeled off of real-world combat specialists which are playable in the game. Moreover they will find an overview of all the weapons in the game and can already choose which one they like. It is also already possible to see different maps.

The game Soldier Front 2 is going to be, as all Aeria Games games, a free to play download game. To be a part of this amazing game and to be one of the first ones who play the game you should sign up on the official game website for the closed beta phase.

Source: Aeria Games

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