October 12

New era in the free to play game Forge of Empires

InnoGames had just launched a new era in the strategy game Forge of Empires. The new era will be set in the colonial age. With this new update the players have fantastic new content as well as a new age to explore. The players will be able to advance their civilizations into the late middle ages.

Forge of Empires will still be the same but with the implementation of the colonial age the players will have the opportunity to unlock new exciting technologies, unites and buildings. The new era includes achievements like artillery, fashion, imperialism as well as the first industrial goods. Moreover there will be 54 new quests to solve by the players. By answering the quest the players will come deeper and deeper into the story of Forge of Empires.

In the colonial age the players of Forge of Empires have to fight against pirates and stronger enemies then before and have to trade with several goods.

In the near future InnoGames will be include more and more eras to the game. They are already working on later eras that will bring the game into to the current age.

Source: InnoGames

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