June 13

New features in the game War Thunder

The flight simulator game War Thunder has gotten a new update. This update includes a fantastic new feature. The new feature is called Squadroms and will give the players of the gamer War Thunder the possibility to team up. This gorgeous new feature is designed for participation in tournaments and cooperative flights.

Every player who reached 2500 golden Eagles can build up a Squadrom and is automatically the team leader of this team. The team leader will have special tasked in the group. He had to control and manage the group of people that are in his Squadrom. He has to change the team members rank, moderate the team chat, accept and delete membership applications and decide if a player in the Squadrom have to leave the group. The Squadroms can have up to 128 members with one team leader, a few officers and so called privates that wouldn’t have any management functions. Every Squadrom will have its own statistics for example for the number of destroyed units or aircrafts. Every player of the game War Thunder can only join one Squadrom at the time.

If you like to join the game and try out the new Squadrom team up opportunity you should visit our War Thunder game entrance.

Source: War Thunder

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