November 13

Pass the Gates of Hell in Metin2

Gameforge, publisher of Metin2 announces new game update. Prepare yourself for passing the gates of hell in the upcoming update Blazing Purgatory!

Be the first hero to explore new areas, fight against brand new monsters and claim the honor to be the first one to slay Razador and become its master! Soon there will be no fighting over a dungeon slot; with the arrival of Blazing Purgatory, all groups will have their own instance upon entering the new area. The new dungeon will consist of seven demanding zones of destiny, therefore is recommended for high-level players. Do not miss on new resources which can be only found in the Blazing Purgatory and craft new potions thanks to the newly introduced belt system. The innovative belt system will be available for players of level 50+ and will allow them to store potions.

Take part in fierce PvE battles and continue your quests up to level 105! All this and more awaits for you in the upcoming update Blazing Purgatory. To find out more about Metin2, vistit our website.

Source: Metin2

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