December 14

Path of Exile: Update 1.3.0

This week on Friday, 12th December, Path of Exile is going to introduce 1.3.0 Content Update that brings two new challenge leagues – Torment and Bloodlines.

Both leagues have self-contained economies and contain of eight difficult challenges that will bring you both in-game as well as real rewards! Torment is a standard league where your adventures are hunted by spirits of tormented criminals. They protect their treasures, flee when encountered and imbue nearby monsters to improve their item drops. Bloodline is the upcoming hardcore challenge league. This league offers pack of magic monsters with a shared Bloodlines that greatly improves combat. Pack can contain alive as well as killed monsters.

More major changes will be implemented to the game’s PvP system. Players can soon expect tournament seasons, and PvP specific rebalancing. With the latest update Leo Redmane will offer you a hideout with his own decorations, and PvP crafting options. Additionally there will be plenty of other improvements and items, e.g. gems.

Source: Path of Exile

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