December 14

Perfect World International: Introducing Eclipse

On 16th December Perfect World International launches a new expansion PWI: Eclipse! Find out about upcoming features now!

There are five major new features coming: new race, class, starting zone, instance and a new rank and equipment. The new race – Nightshades – draws its power from the moon and fights evil in all its forms. Duskblade and Stormbringer are two new classes; Duskblades are swift and dangerous combatants that turn their melee combat into a deadly dance by using their Sabers, whereas, Stormbringers come from ice and thunder magic, and use their scythes to channel storms against their enemies. All new characters will now experience a brand new starting zone – Celestail Vale, which offers a brand new and satisfying way of leveling up. PWI will now also offer two new instances that will be based on a new Random Instance System. This means that each time you decide to visit them you will experience different, randomized dungeons, the map, scenes, monsters and bosses!

Source: PWI

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