January 15

Rail Nation: Game Re-Programming

Important news were published by developer of the free to play browser based strategy game Rail Nations. Firstly, there are many thanks to the passionate and active community that helped to develop the product into a great game. In the latest blog entry developer explains reasons for being slow with implementing new ideas and improvements to the game but a solution to at least some of the complaints is coming in 2015.

In order to improve the game’s performance and fix deep rooted issues developer has decided to re-program Rail Nations from scratch! That is the main reason why in the past couple of months there has been no major updates and fixes. The new game version is however ready and currently being tested on the test server (PTR). Apparently the performance has already been improved greatly and you can check it out by yourself by logging in on the PTR server. The new game version will be implemented gradually in the beginning of this year.

Source: Rail Narions Blog

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