November 14

Settlers Online: PvP Mode

The latest update of the free to play browser game the Settlers Online brought many new features.

First of all, prepare for the new PvP mode! It’s a new interactive combat system where you will be able to gather resources and conquer Colonies. Colonies are special adventure islands that can be conquered, defended and stolen from other players. Don’t worry though – your islands will stay safe! The Colonies will appear automatically on generated maps. There will be a new battle system on the Colony maps, as well as new buildings (Combat Academy, Combat Armoury), generals, units (7 new unit types) and items (6 new weapon types). As a reward you will get valour points that later on can be used to get items for Colony mode (e.g. special defences). The latest update is avialble from November, 25th!

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Source: The Settlers Online

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