November 14

TERA Rising: New expansion - Fate of Arum

Last week the publisher of the Northern American version of free to play online role-playing game TERA Rising shared exciting news. In the upcoming weeks players can expect the brand new free expansion – Fate of Arun.

This time you will get a chance to experience not only a brand new storyline but also an opportunity to explore the mysterious continent of Northern Arun which is divided into four hunting zones. Additionally, the level cap for all characters will increase to 65! Get ready for brand new quests, new zones, new skills and gear, as well as completely new PvP battleground experience!

Fate of Arun will be TERA’s largest expansion so far! Stay tuned for more details coming up in the next few weeks!

TERA Rising is a free to download MMO game. Visit our website to find out more!

Source: TERA

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