January 15

TERA: Skycastles coming soon!

Just a couple of weeks ago TERA implemented the latest game expansion – Fate of Arun – that consisted of several new features, such as a new continent, new dungeons, battlegrounds, as well as a new level cap. On February 24, publisher En Masse Entertainment will release another update. It will be small but surely will introduce features that players can appreciate.

The next update will focus on a key social component of TERA – guilds. First of all, the new guild competition – Crusade – with leagues for both PvP and PvE content, and a redesigned GvG battle system. With the upcoming update, the top ranked guilds on each server will be able to get Skycastles – floating guild housing. Sky Cruiser Endeavor is named to be TERA’s most challenging dungeon yet with normal and hard modes full of epic boss battles. Additionally, Bathysmal Rise (hard) will get a deadly makeover. Last but not least, Champions’s Skyring, the ultimate test of PvP skills will not offer you a 5v5 battleground.

Stay tuned for more information on the latest TERA update!

Source: TERA

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