January 15

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - Beta Ends!

Exciting news for all fans of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: after nearly a year of open beta the game is finally going to be officially launched on February, 5th!

It’s been over two years since Ubisoft started first the closed beta and the open beta. MQFEL has gone through a lot to get to point it is today and its development phase is finally coming to an end! Year 2014 has been crucial to the development phase as at first an open beta was launched, players went crazy, many important features and improvements were implemented. Even though the experience has definitely not been perfect for the players, certain disruptions were necessary to create an Arcade Hack’n’Slash game. The official launch is just a beginning! Developer will carry on improving, balancing and adding new game features, and hopefully with players help it will only get better!

MQFEL is one of its kind! The story takes place in a magical kingdom of Opulencia – the only magical kingdom with a real estate crisis – where the enemy you must fear the most is your greedy neighbor!

Source: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

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