January 15

The Settlers Online: Mountain Buff and Buff Adventures

Developer of the free to play browser game The Settlers Online shared a sneak peak at what’s coming next. The Settlers Online is going to throw a new form of gameplay that has not been seen in any of other similar titles; get ready for new type of adventures and new buffs allowing players to move mountains from their home island!

Thanks to the new buff you will soon be able to remove many mountains of different sizes from your home islands to make more space on your island for some additional buildings. There also will be buff adventures called ‘scenarios’ with 3 degrees of difficulty – easy, medium and hard. Scenarios will tell players a shirt story and require them to solve the problem by applying buffs to objects on the adventure map. At the beginning you will find four scenarios that can be found via adventure searches.

The new features will be introduced soon to the international test server.

Source: The Settlers Online

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