October 14

The Settlers Online: Sneak Peak at Christmas Event 2014

Halloween event is not over yet but developers of free to play browser game the Settlers Online already shared some details on this year’s Christmas event. Get ready to get special resources and prizes starting from 11th of December until 8th of January 2015.

This event will introduce a special resource – presents which can be traded and gifted. Similarly as last year players will have a chance to collect presents from event calendar, adventures (there will be two special adventures introduced), collections (collectible items will be available to find all around the island), daily quests, and event quest chain, and a few more! One of the new adventures, “Gift Delivery” adventure, will require players to deliver Christmas Gifts to houses (camps) before the house transforms into a nice Christmas house. Players can already take a glance at the upcoming event on the international test server where the event is now active.

More details will come later on so stay tuned!

Source: The Settlers Online

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