January 15

The Witcher: Battle Arena – mobile MOBA now available!

Are you looking for an exciting new mobile game? Search no longer as one of the most anticipated mobile game The Witcher: Battle Arena is now released and available for both Android and iOS.

The Witcher: Battle Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which players control one of iconic and powerful characters from the universe of the Witcher. Interest in MOBA products have been increasingly growing for over a year now but the latest product from CD Projekt Red offers a unique opportunity to play the game on a mobile device!

In the TWBA you can play with friends, create your own clans, and face opponents from all over the world to win experience and resources. The game’s interface as well as gameplay has been designed specifically with mobile devices in mind. Additionally the game offers a real free to play option as everything can be unlocked for free – no need to play for ages before you are able to unlock something. Of course there’s also a premium option for those more impatient players.

Source: The Witcher: Battle Arena

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