December 14

Viking Farm in Big Farm

To keep players busy and happy Goodgame Studios does not stop introducing new ingame events. This winter you can collect decorations and win your own Christmas tree, as well as start your own Viking farm!

This week Nils Nordson visited your farms to offer an amazing opportunity of discovering his Nordic heritage. This time a short trip to the airport will take you to a winter wonderland. As the farm is in a snowy and freezing cold environment, the buildings and equipment is naturally adjusted to meet your needs. There will be special winter fields where you can produce Herring, Sardines and Flax (yes, production of fish takes place in a field! ;)), new stables with penguin pool and seal pond, as well as special orchards and sheep pasture. The Viking farm also comes with special buildings – the Viking vault (where you can exchange dollars for snow dollars) and Viking workshop (where you produce new items). With the new island Omar decided to introduce new offers in his shop. Moreover you will be able to find a lot of literature on traditional Viking life in the library. Similarly to the tropical island, you can earn rewards – runestones – that can be traded for special types of seeds, decorations and residential buildings. The new event lasts for about 30 days so don’t miss the chance to unlock the new adventure!

Build your own Viking farm in the free to play browser game Big Farm!

Source: Big Farm

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