December 14

World of Tanks Blitz: Available for Android

Exciting news reached us from Wargaming.net, the developer of the free to play mobile game World of Tanks Blitz. Now the game is also available for Android!

The latest update that took place yesterday on 3rd December introduced not only new in-game content but also a new Android game version! iOS players have to make some space for new opponents from the Android universe.

Update 1.5 also introduced the British tank line, new crew skills, and the Winter Malinovka map. The British brunch of tanks is very original and resembles the very specific British design. Additionally, their guns are very accurate. The latest map, Winter Malinovka, offers varied fighting terrain with hot zones, and good shooting positions. Let’s not forget about the new crew system that will allow you to earn new skills and train your crewmen to improve combat effectiveness. Every player will be able to earn discreet skills for their crew to better match their personal playing style.

Source: WoT Blitz

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