January 15

World of Tanks: Personal Missions

Wargaming.net launched a brand new mission system for its successful free to play war game World of Tanks. The new feature ‘Personal Missions’ went live on 15th January introducing players with opportunity to personalize their mission experience, selecting specific missions from a selection of different campaigns, and last but not least getting unique rewards upon completion.

Personal Missions is a features that cannot be tied to any in-game event and can be pursued by any player. During each campaign players will need to complete 4 operations, each with 5 sets per operation and a main prize. They can only be completed progressively – you have to finish the first one to unlock the second one, and so on. With each operation started you will have 5 mission sets available at the same time, each for a different tank class. Additionally, each set consists of 15 missions with primary and a secondary objectives that need to be fulfilled in order to successfully complete missions.

With the new Personal Missions, players can get unique rewards – credits, free experience points, high tier tanks (StuG IV, T28 Concept, T 55A, Object 260), that can come with the new Sisterhood of Steel perk and female crew members.

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Source: World of Tanks

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