November 14

World of Tanks: Update 9.4 is here!

The latest large update to the free to play war game World of Tanks is now live! Discover the new format of team battles, major improvements and changes in Strongholds, as well as a new map!

First of all you should be all excited to hear about the new improved Team Battle more. The one thing that has not been changed is the number of players; it still remains a 7v7 mode. There are changes regarding tank lineups: no more tier I tanks as scouts. The maps have been readjusted to fit 7v7 needs as well as will consist of two bases on each one of them. Also battles will now be shorter (7 minutes) and cap timers are longer (120 seconds, instead of 100).

Let’s not forget about the brand new map – Staliningrad – the place where many of the most important World War II battles took place. The new map will feature heavy close-quarters engagement between the Soviet Union and Germany. As the city have witnessed so much fighting you enter a rather destroyed urban area which required a whole new strategy.

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Source: World of Tanks

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