December 14

World of Tanks: Update 9.5

Even though the year is nearly over developer of the free to play war game World of Tanks, studio Wargaming.net, decided to implement one more update. Version 9.5 is now available with its big changes, fixes and some vehicle balancing.

With the latest game version fans of World of Tanks can now explore the new British vehicles. The British tech tree is now supplemented by an additional branch with lights, mediums, and tank destroyers. Also German tech tree received a new Tier VIII Premium medium tank which is quite similar to standard Panther tanks.

Additionally, the latest update introduced three new maps: Ghost Town (symmetrical layout for Team Battles), Mittengard (only for low tier battles), and Winterberg (snowy version of Ruinberg that replaces the map Ruinberg on Fire). Traditionally the new game version introduces various fixes and improvements of the game’s performance, visuals, and mechanics.

Source: World of Tanks

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