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The hottest chicks since Lara Croft

Sex sells and free MMOs and MMORPGs in particular are no exception to this concept. The brevity of skirts or the lack of any clothing says nothing about the quality of the games, but...

news 19.07.13

New update in the game Anno Online

Ubisoft has developed a new update for their game Anno Online. This time they made a lot of changes in the ship system. In addition to that Ubisoft has fixed a lot of bugs, has impro...

news 10.07.13

New Lady Club option in the game Lady Popular

The online games publisher XS Software has announced the new multiplayer option for their game Lady Popular. That means that the players of the game are now able to play together wit...

news 09.07.13

Age of Wulin will start its open beta phase

After a lot of testing and improving gPotato the publisher of the game Age of Wulin has announced that the game will open its open beta phase during this month. gPotato get a lot of ...

news 08.07.13

Zynga has launched a new game on Facebook

Zynga has launched a new social game on Facebook. The name of the new game is Hidden Shadows and it is Zyngas second “Hidden” project. The first “Hidden” proj...

news 04.07.13

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