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New server for the game Terra Militaris

The new server in the game Terra Militaris is now online. With this new server gPotato the publisher of the game, gives the players the opportunity to start the game new and try diff...

news 11.12.12

Holiday season in the InnoGames games

During the holiday season InnoGames invites the players to celebrate different events in the games Forge of Empires, Grepolis, The West and Tribal Wars.  ...

news 03.12.12

German week in the game Farmerama

Germany is the country where Farmerama has come into being and has the biggest community. That is the reason why Bigpoint has organized a German week in the coming week.  ...

news 28.11.12

OGame is now available on iPad

Gameforge, the publisher of the game OGame announced that the iPad version of the game is now completed and available in App Stores. The app is totally free to download. ...

news 02.11.12

Farmerama Halloween week will start tomorrow

The days are getting sorter and darker and Halloween is coming closer and closer. That is the reason why Bigpoint integrated the new Halloween event into the game Farmarama.  ...

news 26.10.12

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