November 13

Perfect World International: The New Horizons Expansion

This winter a new age will come to the Perfect World International. All players seeking new adventures and challenges should get ready for new experiences and set on discovery journey through the brand new lands.

The upcoming game expansion New Horizons will introduce the new ascension system allowing characters of level 100 or higher to become more powerful than ever! Going through the ascension process will allow you to keep some of your stats - the higher the level prior to ascension, the more stats you can carry over. There's also a new interesting feature for the new characters: a starting zone has been optimized and updated to modernize your experiences. Additionally, new large zones will be introduced, offering diverse battles and encouraging players to come back and discover secrets more than once. Traditionally game update also optimizes the general gameplay and fixes some bugs. Stay tuned to find out about all new skills, quests, gear and much more in the upcoming New Horizons expansion!

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Source: PWI

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