December 13

World of Tanks: Monthlong Missions Continue

If you're looking for traditional seasonal events and decorations in World of Tanks, well... look somewhere else! Wargaming.net, the publisher behind the successful saga of simulation games, has a different type of fun to offer: Monthlong Missions for December 2013.

Over the next four weeks, players can participate in special mission which can reward you with crew experience, or depending how much time you have on your hands, with the whole month of Premium account time! The first mission – Learning By Doing – requires players to rank among the top three experience earners in each team. Experience can be gained by participation in random battles only, and the top earners will receive x1.2 experience points for their crews. The second mission – Earning Your Stripes – requires players to cause 50,000 points of damage during 1 day, in random battles only. Complete this mission and receive 1 day of Premium account. The last mission – To the Victor Belong the Spoils – lasts from December, 1 until December, 16. This time players must win 5 battles to receive 25,000 credits, 10 battles to receive 75,000, or 15 battles in a day to receive 150,000 credits. Each win counts a separate mission. The December's Monthlong Missions begun on Sunday, Dec 1, and will end on Wednesday, January 1. 

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Source: World of Tanks

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